Dutch Neurofederation Ph.D. Thesis Prize 2018

The Dutch Neurofederation Ph.D. Thesis Prize was created by the board of the Dutch Neurofederation, at the suggestion of the Friends of the Neurofederation, and is meant as an encouragement for new talented neuroscientists. The prize is presented annually during the Dutch Neuroscience meeting (DNM). The winner receives an amount of €1,000 to be spent as one sees fit and in addition he/she will receive travel costs and waived registration fees to present the thesis during a talk at the Dutch Neuroscience Meeting.

Nomination of candidates
The competition is open to all candidates with a doctorate degree from a Dutch university dating 2017 based on a neuroscience-­‐related  Ph.D. thesis. Candidates must be member of the Neurofederation, may nominate themselves or be proposed by their (co-­‐)promotor. Requirements are a letter of recommendation by the candidate's (co-­‐)promotor,  3 hard-­‐ copies of the thesis, each presented with  the  letter of recommendation (see addresses below), as well as an electronic PDF version of the thesis.

Evaluation criteria

The quality will be assessed along the following criteria:
•    The significance of the research
•    Advancement to the neurosciences
•    Originality of the approach
•    Scope and depth of the thesis
•    The   overall   presentation   of   the   thesis,   including   the   writing   and   signs   of scholarship.

Timeline and selection procedure
A  selection  committee  will  advise  the  board  of  the  Friends  of  the  Dutch  Neurofederation, whom  will  decide  the  winner  of  the  Ph.D.  prize  and  revealed  at  the  Dutch  Neuroscience meeting. The selection procedure is confidential and the results are not open for debate.

Deadline for submission of the nominations is Friday 13 April 2018, 23.00 CET.

The  winner  will  be  notified  in  the  beginning  of  May  and  will  be  asked  to  be  present and prepare a lecture for the DNM meeting (7-­‐8 June 2018).

Contacts and addresses to send the Ph.D. theses

  • Prof. Dr Helmut Kessels: h.w.h.g.kessels@uva.nl, CNS, SILS (room C3.268), University of Amsterdam, Science Park 904, 1098XH Amsterdam
  • Prof. Dr Maarten H.P. Kole: m.kole@nin.knaw.nl, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (room R1-134), Meibergdreef 47, 1105BA Amsterdam

Webite Dutch Neurofederation: https://neurofederatie.nl/agenda.php

Website: Dutch Neuroscience Meeting: https://dnm18.azuleon.org//prizes.php