AMC Ruysch Lecture: Dongsheng Cai
21-03-2017 17:00 21-03-2017 18:00 AMC, Lecture Hall 1

Speaker: Dongsheng Cai (Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA)

Title: Hypothalamic inflammation in metabolic syndrome and aging

Host: Andries Kalsbeek, Internal Medicine - Endocrinology

An atypical, low-grade inflammation in the hypothalamus has been shown to participate in the development and progression of metabolic syndrome components and aging-related disorders. Contributing factors of this inflammation include systemic factors (e.g., circulating cytokines, nutrients, hormones, micro-organism products) and local intracellular changes (e.g., mitochondrial abnormality, endoplasmic reticulum stress, autophagic defects, RNA stress granules) involving signaling mediated by IKK and NF-kB pathways. The inflammatory process occurs in, and is being mediated by, both neurons and glial cells.

In his lecture, Professor Cai will provide an overview on recent understandings, especially the atypical involvement of the hypothalamic pro-inflammatory IKK/NF-kB pathway, altogether suggesting that this inflammation is a general cause in hypothalamic dysfunctions which underlie the development of metabolic syndrome and aging.