Invitation to VU Library Live - Rethinking the Academic Reward System -
14-03-2019 16:00

Invitation for the next: VU Library Live Talk Show and Podcast on 14 March 16:00-18:00.

We will be discussing the academic reward system and how to change the way researchers are evaluated and rewarded to facilitate research that is open and transparent and contributes to solving key societal issues.
For more information and to register:

We will have a fantastic panel of speakers, including Prof. Stan Gielen, the President of NWO:

Dr. Barbara Braams (Assistant Professor, VU Amsterdam)

Prof. Stan Gielen (President NWO)

Dr. Jutka Halberstadt (Assistant Professor, VU Amsterdam)

Prof. Frank Miedema (Dean and Vice-president of the Executive Board, UMC Utrecht)

We would be delighted to have you join us and attend if you have the time and the interest.
Please do not forget to register if you are interested to attend.

The VU Library Live Editorial Team