AG&M grants 2018

1.    The AG&M international student fellowship (2x)

Grant (20.000€) for (bio-)medical students (in their MSc-program or just graduated) to participate in a research internship for a year at an international top institute. For more information, click here.

2.    The AG&M talent development grant (2x)

Grant (75.000€) for exceptionally talented researchers who are in the first 5 years after obtaining a PhD-degree and want to develop their own research line. For more information, click here.

3.    The AG&M innovation grant (2x)

Grant (50.000€) for innovative ideas beneficial to the AG&M research institute. For more information, click here.

AG&M grants 2017

In 2017, two AG&M grants were awarded at the Annual AG&M meeting. Jelmi uit de Bos has been awarded with The AG&M international student research fellowship and Daniel Miedema has been enrolled in The AG&M PhD talent development program.

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