Grants support and services: research funding support is offered to AMC researchers and VU or VUmc researchers at  their respective grant offices.

Personal grants: depending on the employment institution of the applicant, the relevant office must be contacted, i.e. Grants Desk VU/VUmc (E: for personal grants only) or AMC Research Office (E: to enter the support group trajectory.

Collaborative projects: depending on the legal entity registered in the application (AMC, VUmc or VU), applicants are advised to inform their respective research support offices to enter the support trajectory such as the EU grants support trajectory, i.e. AMC Research Office grants support (E:, or Grants Desk VU/VUmc (E:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions. The AMC Research office together with the VU/VUmc grants desk can arrange presentations for the institutes to discuss research funding opportunities and support.

More information about the AMC Research office and grants support is available on the AMC intranet:

Click here for the CCA funding calender (overview for all CCA researchers, at this moment specific support only for VUmc researchers)

Click here for submission of project proposals or clinical protocols to the CWO (scientific research committee) of VUmc


Please pay attention to the following important funding information / recently published interesting funding programs:

1. New KWF deadline has been set for 3 April and 6 June 2018 (you will be notified about the internal procedures soon)

    Deadline April 3: Infrastructural Initiatives (preproposal) (see attachment for more information)

    • Aim of program: To provide (temporary) funding for novel infrastructural initiatives for oncological research, including biobanks, registries and data repositories, cohorts or partnerships. The initiative must have sufficient national support.
    • Consortium: Non-profit organizations can be main applicant, for profit organizations can be participant.
    • Project duration: Between 1 and 5 years
    • Max funding: No guideline: In the previous round, projects of €50k up to €3M were awarded.
    • Weblink:

    Deadline June 6: Research projects, Young Investigator Grants, Unique High Risk projects, Consortia projects, Implementation projects, Infrastructural Initiatives (Full proposals): see attachment for more information

    2. Upcoming Personal Grant Deadlines

    • Early career researchers: NWO Veni (9 January 2018)
    • Mid-career researchers: ERC Consolidator (15 February 2018)
    • Senior researchers: NWO Vici (March 2018), NWO TOP (March 2018)

    3. Interesting upcoming funding opportunities

    European grants


    • Aim of the program: Translational research on rare cancers. At least one of the following aims must be addressed:

      • Design and conduct of translational research studies exploiting/combining resources from current clinical trials, bio-repositories and epidemiology-type resources.
      • Development and exploitation of translational research platforms (e.g., patient derived xenograft models/organoids/tissue collections) to study drug responses/resistance and toxicity, and perform drug screens or repurpose approved anticancer drugs
      • Implementation of precision biomarkers for better stratification of the clinical cohorts.
    • Consortiu : At least 3 and maximally 7 participants from different European countries
    • Typical budget: €500k for the Dutch participants
    • Weblin:

    Deadline 28 February: IMI call on “Human Tumour Microenvironment Immunoprofiling”

    • Aim of the program : The ultimate aim and core activity is to create a database containing integrated cellular and molecular data from the tumour microenvironment of patients treated with both targeted and non-targeted therapy, in particular immunotherapy, as well as key information from patient history and clinical progression.
    • Consortium: At least 3 participants from different European countries, but in general the consortia consist of more participants.
    • Typical budget: No limits, but IMI-projects generally have large budget (millions)
    • Weblink:

    Deadline 18 April: H2020 Societal Challenges

    • Type of grant : European Collaborative grants
    • Eligibility: Consortia of at least 3 different organisations from at least 3 different European countries can apply
    • Topics of the individual calls:

      • SC1-BHC-04-2018: Rare Disease Joint Programme Co-fund
      • SC1-BHC-05-2018: International flagship collaboration with Canada for human data storage, integration and sharing for developing personalised medicine approaches
      • SC1-BHC-09-2018: Innovation platforms for advanced therapies of the future
      • SC1-BHC-18-2019: Translational collaborative cancer research between Europe and the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States (CELAC)
      • SC1-BHC-23-2018: Novel patient-centered approaches for survivorship, palliation and end-of-life care
      • SC1-BHC-26-2018: Health Technology Assessment research to support evidence-based healthcare

    Expected call to open in Spring 2018: Catalyst Grants of Breast Cancer Now

    This program aims to bring together Europe’s leading breast cancer researchers and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The aim of the call is to fund breast cancer research projects that perform research after Pfizer’s drugs. Thereby, Pfizer provides research funding and access to the drugs to be investigated. Applicants must be based in a European academic institution. Max funding per project will be between £400k and £1.5M, depending on the number of research questions. The call is expected to have its deadline in spring 2018 (First, you have to submit an expression of interest and later a full application).

    National grants

    Deadline 20 March: ZonMw Goed Gebruik Geneesmiddelen Large Trials (pre-proposals)

    Deadline 6 March: ZonMw Doelmatigheidsonderzoek – Extra Open ronde (Full proposal)

    Expected call to open in Spring 2018: NWO Societal Challenges

    NWO will publish a novel funding program, called the “crossover call”, which aims to fund research in public private partnerships that focus on societal challenges, in which the research themes consolidate multiple top sectors. Broad-based multidisciplinary consortia, consisting of public and private partners, can submit research proposals as a coherent programme. NWO is encouraging input from all scientific disciplines and the consolidation of application-oriented research. The call is expected to open in spring 2018.