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Early career researchers              : NWO Veni (9 January 2018)
Mid-career researchers               : ERC Consolidator (15 February 2018)
Senior researchers                        : NWO Vici (March 2018), NWO TOP (March 2018)

Deadline 18 December 2017      : ZonMw Vroeg Opsporing (projectidee)
Type of grant                    : Collaborative grant
Aim of the program        : To fund novel developments and innovations in the field of early detection of risk factors and diseases in healthy people and people with an increased risk. Within the program, strong preference will be given to projects that focus on the impact screening programs, risk profiling and innovate tests.
Typical budget                  : €400k
Typical proj duration      : 4 years
Weblink                               :
Deadline 17 January       : Marie Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN)
Type of grant                    : Collaborative grant, focused on training and mobility of PhD students
Variants                              :
·         European Training Network (ETN)
·         European Industrial Doctorate (EID)
·         European Joint Doctorate (EJD)
Collaboration                    :
·         ETN: At least 3 partners from at least 3 different European countries
·         EID: At least 2 partners in at least 2 different European countries, of which one university and one non-academic partner (preferably enterprise)
·         EJD: At least 3 academic partners from 3 different European countries
Max funding                      : Salary costs 540 months of PhD students (is equal to 15 PhD students appointed for 3 years (appointments of more than 3 years are not allowed). Total project duration is maximally 48 months.
Weblink                               :

Aim of the program       : Translational research on rare cancers. At least one of the following aims must be addressed:
1.       Design and conduct of translational research studies exploiting/combining resources from current clinical trials, bio-repositories and epidemiology-type resources.
2.       Development and exploitation of translational research platforms (e.g., patient derived xenograft models/organoids/tissue collections) to study drug responses/resistance and toxicity, and perform drug screens or repurpose approved anticancer drugs
3.       Implementation of precision biomarkers for better stratification of the clinical cohorts.
Consortium                        : At least 3 and maximally 7 participants from different European countries
Typical budget                  : €500k for the Dutch participants
Weblink                              :
Deadline 18 April             : Horizon2020 Societal Challenges (FULL PROPOSALS)
Type of grant                    : European Collaborative grants
Eligibility                              : Consortia of at least 3 different organisations from at least 3 different European countries can apply
Topics                                  :
·         SC1-BHC-04-2018 (ex-10): Rare Disease Joint Programme Co-fund
·         SC1-BHC-05-2018: International flagship collaboration with Canada for human data storage, integration and sharing for developing personalised medicine approaches
·         SC1-BHC-09-2018 (ex-17): Innovation platforms for advanced therapies of the future
·         SC1-BHC-18-2019: Translational collaborative cancer research between Europe and the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States (CELAC)
·         SC1-BHC-23-2018 (ex-13): Novel patiënt-centred approaches for survivorship, palliation and end-of-life care
·         SC1-BHC-26-2018: Health Technology Assessment research to support evidence-based healthcare
Max funding                     :             
·         €M50 (Rare diseases Cofund)
·         €M6 (International flagship collaboration with Canada
·         €12-15M (innovation platforms)
·         €1-3M (Translational collaborative cancer research
·         €3-4M (Novel patient-centred approaches for survivorship)
·         €8-10M (Health Technology Assessment)
·         100% funding of project costs
Weblink                              :