Results of AMS Innovation Call 2018

The results of the Amsterdam Movement Sciences Innovation Call 2018 have been announced. There were in total 27 applications spread over the various call types. The proposals were judged by the Science Committee (CWO) together with the program leaders and finally the AMS management team,  and were overall of good quality. Below is a list of the prioritized proposals.

NOTE: The calls Post doc / Early career call (B type)  and Grant applications call (C type) have a second deadline on November 1, 2018. The available grants for MA students and PhD candidates (E type) can be submitted continually.  Visit the AMS website for the rules governing the call and the application forms.

Tenure development / mid-career call (A1 type):

  • Marjolein van der Krogt, Amsterdam UMC (de Boelelaan): Comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal modelling to predict the effect of impairments on gait in children with cerebral palsy, €135.000;
  • Jaap van Netten, Amsterdam UMC (Meibergdreef): Biomechanical, activity and adherence profiles of people with diabetes in a comprehensive load-capacity model of foot ulceration: towards personalised interventions for high-risk diabetes patients (DIALOAD), €150.00;

Tenure development / Clincal leadership (A2 type):

  • Harald Thune Jørstad, Amsterdam UMC (Meibergdreef): ‘Elite sports: addressing the heart of the matter’, € 70.000;

Post-doc / Early career call (B type):

  • Melissa Hooijmans, Amsterdam UMC (Meibergdreef): Imaging of post-traumatic muscle fibrosis and its functional impact (fibrofit), € 75.000;
  • Roland Rössler Public and Occupational Health, Amsterdam UMC (de Boelelaan): Finding the right balance: determining safe and healthy physical activity load, € 66.000;

Grant applications (C-type):

  • Alessandro Chiarotto, Amsterdam UMC (de Boelelaan): Developing a new method to assess the perceived importance of the effects of health interventions for patients with musculoskeletal and rheumatic conditions, € 24.500;
  • Erwin van Wegen, Amsterdam UMC (de Boelelaan): Do-iT Parkinson; Effects of Dose and type of exercise Training on exercise-induced neuroplasticity in human Parkinson’s disease, € 25.000;

Feasibilty Studies / Pilot projects (D type):

  • Onno Baur, Amsterdam UMC (Meibergdreef): Making dynamic imaging of the ankle possible, € 49.500;
  • Heleen Beckerman, Amsterdam UMC (de Boelelaan): Cardiorespiratory fitness in newly diagnosed patients with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis compared to matched healthy controls: already lagging behind from the start? € 50.000;
  • Renate de Jongh, Amsterdam UMC (de Boelelaan): A feasibility and pilot study of non-invasive diagnostic techniques in renal osteodystrophy: 18F-fluoride positron emission tomography and serum non-oxidized PTH, € 50.000;
  • Eric Voorn, Amsterdam UMC (Meibergdreef): The development of an easily applicable measurement tool for systematic prescription and evaluation of aerobic training in adults and children with slowly progressive neuromuscular diseases, € 50.000;

PhD candidate and MA students (E type):

  • Babette Zwaard, RMA Student FGB, The evaluation of gait and dynamic balance performance before and after Gamma Knife Thalamotomy in patients with severe Essential Tremor, € 3.000.