Annual Meeting 2018

The 2nd Annual Amsterdam Movement Sciences Research meeting will be held on February 16, 2018 in Amsterdam ArenA Congrescentrum. All AMS members are warmly invited to join!

The annual meeting will follow the trend set last year with a selection of interesting workshops especially aimed at both junior and senior researchers. In addition there will be poster pitches, and a mix of (internationally) known speakers and AMS members on the theme of movement. Finally, there will be ample networking possibilities!


  • Outstanding paper award open to a PhD candidate and AMS member for a publication (print or online) published in 2017. (See the criteria below);
  • Best Poster Award (see the criteria below). 


You are warmly invited to submit your abstract for the meeting. We welcome new research results, but you can also use a poster previously presented at another recent meeting. Should you want to use the AMS logo, it is available here.  You can submit your abstracts via the registration form below before the deadline of January 14, 2018. Prior to submission, consult the submission guidelines below.

Submission criteria for the awards

Amsterdam Movement Sciences Outstanding Paper Award 2018

The Annual AMS Outstanding Paper Award will be presented to a PhD candidate at the 2nd Annual AMS Research Meeting to be held on February 16, 2018, for the most outstanding paper published in the past year. The award consists of a certificate and €1.000 to cover travel costs or attendance to an international scientific meeting of choice.

The applicant must submit a PDF of the article in question.


  • Outstanding paper in its field;
  • First authorship (by applicant and AMS member) of peer reviewed article published (in paper or epub ahead of print) during the period 1st January 2017 – 31st December 2017[1];
  • The candidate should preferably be present at the meeting, or alternatively be represented by a co-author and AMS member;
  • All authors must agree with the submission.

    [1] The candidate must provide the article’s exact volume, issue and page numbers OR in case of a publication in an online journal: the volume and issue number and article number. The paper can only be submitted once (print or online version).

    Review: The papers will be judged by a selection of independent AMS members. The jury’s decision is final. The jury will inform the AMS MT of its decision.

    Note: the jury will make their judgment based on the following principles:

  • Scientific quality;
  • The article’s innovative and relevant contribution to Amsterdam Movement Sciences;
  • Societal relevance.

    Please send your application to: before the final deadline for application of January 14, 2018. The winner will be asked to give a short presentation of the paper at the meeting.

    Amsterdam Movement Sciences Best Poster Award 2018

    The Best Poster Award will be presented to a PhD candidate at the 2nd Annual AMS Research Meeting for the best poster presented at the meeting. The prize is a certificate and €500 to cover to research related costs of choice. AMS welcome new research results, but you can also use a poster previously presented at another recent meeting.


    • Scientific Quality;
    • Scientific and/or Societal Relevance;
    • Clarity of content (can the reader in 20 seconds see what has been done and what the conclusion is);
    • Lay out (clarity, break down and graphics);
    • The final 10 posters will present a 1 minute pitch to explain the research results.

      Review: A jury consisting of a selection of independent AMS members will make a pre-selection of maximum 10 best posters based on judgment of the abstracts regarding the first two criteria mentioned above. These 10 posters will be judged during the annual meeting on their clarity, layout and presentation, including a 1-minute pitch. The jury’s decision is final. Submit your abstract via this link before the deadline of January 14, 2018. NOTE: Submissions are limited to a maximum of one submission per first author.

      Abstract submission guidelines 2nd Annual Research Meeting

      • Language: English;
      • Abstract text word limit: 300 words (not counting names and affiliation details);
      • Suggested font: Calibri (Body), size 11 cpi;
      • Text alignment: Justified;
      • Spacing between the title, the author(s) and the abstract text: Single;
      • Line spacing of the text: Single;
      • Abstract title typed in: UPPER CASE;
      • The family name(s) of the author(s) should be written in lower case preceded by the first name(s) of the author(s) written in full.(e.g., Jane Bloggs);
      • The presenting author’s name must be written in bold;
      • All authors’ affiliation details [e.g., department, organization and institute, city, and country] should be written under the names, preceded by the correspondence indices;
      • The affiliations should NOT be mentioned in the abstract text;
      • The abstract should be divided in the following sections (the subtitles being typed in lower case and in bold): Introduction – Purpose – Method – Results –Conclusions;
      • The text may include standard abbreviations, tables, diagrams and photographs, as long as they remain within the page margins and the total amount of words does not exceed the above mentioned limit (300 words);
      • File type: PDF.

      Submit your abstract via the registration form.

        We welcome new research results, but you can also use a poster previously presented at another recent meeting.

        If you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch via mail to Register here for the meeting and the workshops. Deadline for registration: February 4, 2018.