UPDATE: The fall deadline for the AMS Innovation Call 2018 is November 1, 2018.

The call types open for applications are:  

  • The Post doc / early career call (B type) and the
  • Grant applications (C-type).
  • In addition, the PhD candidate and MA student grants are open for continuous submission.  

 The proposals must use the provided applications forms and be uploaded as 1 PDF, via the link:

Note that the post doc / early career call (B type) must also use the CV template below.


AMS Innovation Call 2018

The AMS innovation call was announced during the AMS 2nd Annual Research meeting on February 16, 2018.

There are six differenct call types, A1 - E, aimed at a diverse group of scientists within the AMS community. The call is financed by the two UMCs, and a total of €1.100.000 is available. The main deadlines are in the spring and fall of 2018, the exact dates can be found in the call text. The dates for when the allocated budgets must be used by, can also be found in the call text. Each call has its own application form that must be used. For more information, consult the call text.

NOTE: The compulsory CV template for the A and B calls can be found at the bottom of the page.