Call second round AI&II Work visit grant 2018

To stimulate young talent within the Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institute to visit a research facility important within the field of Infection & Immunity to actively build their CV and network while also obtaining new knowledge (techniques, samples, data, competences etc.) valuable to AI&II.

Target group
PhD students in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year and postdocs in the first 3 years after obtaining their PhD-degree.

Eligibility criteria
The applicant must be either a PhD student or is within 3 years after obtaining his/her PhD-degree. The applicant is (or will be) embedded in at least one of the AI&II programs. The work visit grants, of €5000,- will only fund visits that start after November 2018 and before June 2019, with a duration of 1 to 4 months, that have the potential to result in new knowledge (techniques, samples, data, competences etc.) valuable to the new AI&II to be embedded upon return. For the total budget of €5000,- eligible costs are: travel costs (economy class) to and from the hosting site, (lab-)consumables and rent. Only completed application forms are eligible for evaluation. To be eligible you need to declare that this or a similar proposal has not been submitted for funding elsewhere.

Evaluation criteria

  • Motivation of candidate to visit the selected site
  • Added value for AI&II
  • Scientific quality and relevance of the work plan
  • Improved prospects for new subsequent funding
  • Innovative potential either by a new collaboration or a new technique or other scientific aspect of the visit

Application procedure
Send the completed application form (PDF-file) before October 15th 2018 17:00 to:

Selection procedure
The AI&II talent development committee will evaluate the applications for work visits based on the aforementioned criteria.


Requirements after obtaining the AI&II work visit grant

  • Include the AI&II logo in the presentations you may give at the hosting institute
  • Mention the grant in the acknowledgements of any publications emanating from the research performed during the work visit
  • Send us a picture of you in front of the institute you visit and/or together with the other lab members in the lab
  • Send in a completed claim form with the original tickets and receipts attached within three months after your return
  • Send in a short (1A4) report on how the work visit has helped you to build on your CV and network and what new knowledge (techniques, samples, data, competences etc.) valuable to AI&II has been obtained. Also suggestions to improve the grant are welcome.