eCall AI&II Travel grants 2017


To stimulate young talent within the Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institute (AI&II) to attend an international scientific conference important within the field of Infection & Immunity to actively build their CV and network while also creating international exposure of AI&II.

Target group:

AI&II PhD students

Eligibility criteria:

The applicant must be a PhD student embedded in at least one of the programs of AI&II. The PhD student should have an accepted abstract for the designated conference, with the opportunity to present a poster/or oral presentation to which the AI&II logo should be added.

The travel grant of €500 should be used as a contribution to attend a conference (conference fee) and for the costs of travel and subsistence. Only completed application forms are eligible for evaluation. After obtaining the travel grant, PhD students are not eligible for subsequent travel grant calls of AI&II.

Evaluation criteria:

- Motivation of candidate to attend the selected international scientific conference - Quality of the meeting - Quality of the CV of the applicant

Application procedure:

Send the completed application form including CV and accepted abstract (PDF-file) after January 15th 2017 to:

Selection procedure:

The AI&II talent development committee will evaluate the applications for travel grants based on the indicated evaluation criteria at a first come first serve basis. The evaluators provide a score of 1-3 per criterion. For each application a score is calculated [0-9] to which a threshold of 7 will be applied.  Provided the quality of the applications are above threshold, travel grants will be granted up to a total budget of 30.000€ in 2017. Applications will be evaluated throughout the year and applicants will be informed about the result of their application within 3 months.

Time line:


- Include the AI&II logo in your poster or presentation and mention the grant in the acknowledgements

- Send in a completed claim form with the original tickets and receipts attached

- Send us a picture of you in front of your poster at the meeting or a picture of you presenting your research

- If not in the picture send us the pdf of your poster or presentation with the AI&II logo